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A Course in Mastering Your
Mind-Money Connection

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Hello, this is David…

I want to remind YOU of something today:

You acquire financial

freedom ONE decision

at a time.

Think about this:

If you think about everywhere you go … and every experience you have … you’re in the center of that exact experience.

Are you creating it … or is it happening to you?

If you’re creating it, you can change it …

If you’re not creating it, it’s happening TO you, and you’re a victim to it every single day.

We’ve got to think! We’ve got to accept the mindset that we are creating all the time.

That’s an enormous power:

We can create life or destroy it.

So, if we have the ability to create our lives based on adopting an empowered mindset …

why is it that so many business owners choose financial goals that they really WANT to achieve, but when it comes down to achieving it, they don’t?

How many times have YOU said:

“I’m just not ready to do that” or
“Maybe someday I’ll be able to do that”?

You want the goal.

But you don’t think you can have it now.


Part of your being resonates with having that “thing” you want …
or else you wouldn’t even want it to begin with.

But there’s a whole other side of you that resonates more strongly with who
you are now, in resistance of receiving the money you say you want.

You’re out of harmony.

If you’re saying: “I don’t have enough clients” … you’re creating that “reality”.

If you say: “I don’t have time” … then you won’t have time.

If you say: “I don’t have the money right now”… you won’t see the opportunity that would allow you to make the money.

We consistently fight this teeter-totter battle.

We look outside of ourselves for the problem, when it’s really inside of us.

Is this sinking in?
Are you grasping the enormity of this?!

Get this, and you’ll not only change your own results …
you’ll do it quickly and you’ll be able to replicate that success over
and over and over.

So what needs to change?
The internal programming that is controlling the way you think and act.
Change that, and you’ll change your results. Guaranteed.

I — me, David Neagle — have over
50 years of programming.

I used to feel that I was powerless to change my circumstances. That the choices I’d made and because of how I was raised meant that I was only ever going to work in a job I hated and earn $20,000 a year. The curse of the middle class is taking the “not-so-bad” and making it seem fantastic, when it’s really crap.

Internally I knew things could be different but everything outside of me disagreed.

When I finally started to listen to that voice within, BOOM! I saw an opportunity to make more money doing something different and within a month I tripled my income.

That was just the beginning of my journey, to understand what really happened, because I don’t believe in luck.
I believe in cause and effect.

I believe that making small internal
shifts can have major impacts on our

I live it every single day, and have helped countless business owners over the last 2 decades experience these shifts in their programming and reap the financial rewards.
“Coaching with David has impacted every area of my life. He’s helped me create ALL of what I really want and see exactly what I’m capable of, including turning my annual income into my weekly income. I am now confident and BELIEVE in myself.”
Maureen Considine Gharrity
“In less that 90 days working with David, I’ve already made 35% MORE compared to this same time last year! That’s a huge increase and the best part is, it all feels so easy. David is THE master at transforming small thinking into big leaps forward in life and in business.”
Kendal Summerhawk
million dollar marketing coach

I KNOW the same can be
true for you.

Your first task is to decide things will be different.

Because our programming doesn’t want CHANGE. Even when YOU do!

Do you think this conversation is important?

Because I surely do.

I think it’s the most important conversation I can be having with you.

breaking through
the beliefs you hold
inside of yourself.

Would you like to do that?

Would you like to continue taking this conversation deeper with me …
and start making the money you really deserve?

I’d like to do that with YOU,
With my new program:

Over the course of 4 tele-classes, to begin in January 2018,
followed by a 2-Day in person intensive at
the location of your choosing:

2 pay of $275.00

choose your 2-day intensive location:

Charlotte, NC

Feb 23-24, 2018

Washington, DC

March 16-17, 2018

(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)

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You’ll discover how in a very short period of time … when you start to understand from a different perspective … a correct perspective … you’ll immediately create the new result — the goal — you’ve been working so seriously for.

In fact, I’ve created this training especially for you if:

Your income spikes one month and then stagnates (or sinks) the next…

You land new clients and contracts, but your bank statements aren’t increasing the way you thought they would…
“Two steps forward and one step back” seems to be your business theme song…
You want to set goals and actually HIT them … consistently…
You need a quick, super-charged boost to your business…
Or maybe you don’t have a business but are an avid student of truth and love personal development.
You’ve made the decision that 2018 WILL BE the year of NEW & BETTER results!

Join me for this transformational course,
and here’s exactly what we’ll work on together:

Accelerate Your Income: A Course in Mastering
Your Mind-Money Connection

Operating Without Limits through Faith, Love and Beauty 
Tuesday, January 9th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

  • Learn the difference between divine guidance and ego sabotage in order to set and achieve goals accurately and consistently.
  • Build a mindset of faith through actionable steps so that you can manifest whatever you want and need, NOW. No goal, no problem, no obstacle is too big.
  • Uncover your purpose and learn how living from a place of creation and service is your fastest path to cash.
  • Unlock the key to limitless achievement through love and beauty.

The Key to Empowered Prosperity 
Tuesday, January 16th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

  • Experience true freedom by removing the blindfold of blame and create prosperity through empowered action.
  • Learn how to drop the stories that are keeping you stuck and limited.
  • Uncover the steps to claiming true freedom so you no longer hinder the flow of money in your life.
  • Understand how to transform fear to step into your empowered self.

The Money Power of Will 
Tuesday, January 23rd at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

  • Develop the muscle of your will to take charge of your purpose and finances.
  • Learn how to effortlessly focus in order to bring in the funds to live your dream life.
  • Easily cast away doubt and distraction through the understanding of truth.
  • Apply your will effectively using my 5-Step Plan.

Abundant Surroundings = Abundant Bank Account 
Tuesday, January 30th at 1pm ET/ 10am PT

  • Learn how to consistently feed your inspiration and growth by upgrading your environment.
  • Understand all the facets of your environment so that you create space that is supportive, uplifting and reflective of who you’re becoming, not who you were.
  • Raise your standard in every area of your business so that you’re consistently reaching forward and opening yourself to receive the prosperity trying to reach you.
  • Unlock the 9 action steps to take you where you want to go.
we’ll tie it all together and dive deeper by working on:
day 1

The Money Story that Controls Your Life

On Day 1, we’ll dig deep to uncover and reframe your paradigms around money and success.

day 2

Cultivating Prosperity Through Action

On Day 2 we’ll work on developing the strategies you need to accelerate your income – now that we’ve covered what needs to shift internally we can get into the fun part of increasing your income.

plus you’ll get these bonuses:

Bonus #1

A private 20-minute
“Accelerate Your Income” Coaching Call,
with a Team Neagle Income
Acceleration Coach

Get valuable insight and feedback on what you can shift to raise your income immediately. (Value $750)

Bonus #2

Cheat Sheet of the
Universal Laws

You’ll be able to get a clear and concise description of each Universal Law to start understanding how each law and its subsidiary laws affect your results if used effectively vs. ineffectively.
Expiring Bonuses:

Bonus #3

How To Make a BIG Shift – Bonus Audio EXPIRES December 18th @ 9pm ET
Create a BIG shift in your life by changing what happens between your ears, because how you think changes EVERYTHING… This audio lesson shows exactly how to make big changes in your life FAST.

Bonus #4

The Empowering Equation for Setting Your Rates EXPIRES December 18th @9pm ET
Use this complete blueprint to determine your rates, and to how to know when it’s time to restructure your business so that you can continue to grow.

2 pay of $275.00

reserve your seat now:

Charlotte, NC

Feb 23-24, 2018

Washington, DC

March 16-17, 2018

(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)

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Here’s what I know:

You can have the best financial strategy in the world but if you’re not clear internally, you’ll continue to get mixed results.

This is why your income has less to do with what you’re “doing” and more to do with what you believe.

Researchers have found that our financial ceilings are set based on our past programming. This means our ability to hit our goals, is actually based on beliefs that were passed on to us by others.

The only solution is to really become aware of what those hidden beliefs are, and then consciously begin to change and re-program them.

To achieve a new level of success …

You need to understand what is controlling your results …


You need to learn how to change it.

So if you feel like you’re constantly trying to pedal up-hill to achieve what you really WANT, chances are it is because your programming is taking over and working against you.

Understanding what truly binds you allows you to pass through it and follow your desire… you’ll do things you never thought possible and develop in ways that will astonish you!

Like Marla Mattenson, who went from being a school math teacher to

earning 6 figures every month in less than 12 months:

“Living my purpose has been a journey, and over the past 2 years working with you, I’ve done the inner work to understand more and more about why I make the choices I do. I started to see how my choices were coming from old programming from family, culture, society, what I thought was possible (or not). I feel so free to be who I am, unapologetically, now. Which is not always popular or understood, especially by the people closest to me. I am forever grateful to you and Team Neagle for the guidance, support, encouragement and belief in me to live my fully expressed life. And this is just the beginning. Thank you!”

Marla Mattenson
relationship and intimacy expert
Same is true for Jesse Johnson:
$100K in 30 days!

I just received an email from my client Jesse Johnson with the attached screenshot. I am SO happy for her! She just hit her goal of $100K in 30 days, but more importantly she shattered a belief that can no longer control her results. CONGRATS, Jesse. You just proved there are NO LIMITS! Keep Going!!

Over the course of 4 tele-classes, to begin in January 2018,
followed by a 2-Day in person intensive at the location of your choosing:

2 pay of $275.00

choose your 2-day intensive location:

Charlotte, NC

Feb 23-24, 2018

Washington, DC

March 16-17, 2018

(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)

Got Questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?

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income acceleration
is often one of those points.

In order to be wildly successful, you must first come to terms with what it takes to achieve results beyond anything you’ve experienced so far.

Remember: You acquire financial freedom one decision at a time.

I hope this teaching meant something to you today and I hope that making a decision to join me for this transformational course is THE decision that brings you closer to your financial goals.

“See” you in January.

Just believe,

Frequently Asked

Is It Really Possible To Turn Your Annual Income Into A Monthly Income?
I know it sounds hard to believe, but this is ABSOLUTELY possible! I’ve done it in my own life, I’ve done it for HUNDREDS of my students who put my teachings into practice, and I’ve been able to crack the code on what it takes to turn your annual income into a monthly one. Now it’s your turn. Investing in this course at a fraction of what it costs to work privately with me is totally worth it.
How Important is the Live Event?

I’m not going to mince words here…it’s IMPORTANT. You will get direct coaching from me during the live intensive where I can pinpoint the exact issue that’s keeping your income blocked. We’ll also be going through income acceleration strategies and will be able to tailor them to your business goals.

One of the biggest benefits of attending the live intensive? You’ll be surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are also committed to breaking through their financial ceilings and growth. The relationships formed are invaluable and as you can see from the course outline above…your environment is a huge piece of your success!

“I just spent 2 days immersed in learning from my coach David Neagle. So grateful and honored to share the experience with a tribe of people that are CRUSHING LIFE, like Jesse Johnson, Jon Mackey, Sara Gharib Khaki, Hisham Khaki, Nancy Winters, Ashley Marder Bowman, and Tristan Gutner. Love you guys… and thank you, David!”
– Jonathan Winn
What are the Logistics?

The Accelerate Your Income 4-part course will begin in January 2018. All call dates will be sent to you via email so you can make sure to mark them on your calendars. Each lesson will be recorded and transcribed which will also hit your inbox shortly after each call. We recommend attending each lesson live but we understand that’s not always possible!

Once you’ve chosen your location we’ll provide you with which airport we recommend flying into, the host hotel location AND a booking link for a discounted room rate.

Each day of the intensive we’ll also be providing you with a delicious lunch. If you have food allergies or restrictions, bring it on! We love to eat well and want you to as well. No peanut butter and jelly sandwiches when you’re with Team Neagle.

Is There A Guarantee?

If after completing the virtual portion of this course, you don’t believe this program will help you to drastically accelerate your income, provided you give a minimum of 30-days notice, you may cancel your attendance to the Intensive, and I’ll give you a full credit toward any of our other offerings (plus let you keep the bonuses at no charge).

Understand: Because your order contains digital course materials, no refunds can be granted at any time. (If requested, your credit may be used until July 1, 2018.)

2 pay of $275.00

reserve your seat now:

Charlotte, NC

Feb 23-24, 2018

Washington, DC

March 16-17, 2018

(Seats are limited to 35 registrants. DO NOT DELAY!)

Got Questions? Want to purchase a +1 ticket for just $275?

Call and speak to my highly trained Team at


“What a powerful weekend. Tons of insights. Nothing like clarity to light the fire of desire. I even have started putting things in motion for an event in the fall of 2018.”
Amy McNaughton
CEO & Founder of Capable Confident Women

“You must work continually on your personal development. It never stops because each time you hit the goal in love and life, a new level will be shown.

It’s a journey, make it count.

Find someone who holds the vision of your higher self and work with them until you get to the level you want. Love and prosperity are yours AND you must do the work on yourself for your greatness to be fully developed!”

Mary Silver
Love and Prosperity Coach

Let’s shine a light on your purpose…
the purpose that speaks to you through desire and
leads you to prosperity…

and let’s work together over
just 4 weeks & 2 days to

Register above now or give my team a call today: